Entorama is a 3D multi-agent modeling and simulation tool designed for simulation of decentralized systems. With Entorama you can create hundreds of agents, define their individual behavior and observe behavior that emerges on the collective level.
The goal of this project is to allow a wide variety of models while simplifying the model development process and eliminating programming overhead.

-unlimited number of agents
-continuous 3D space
-3D agent modeling tools for detailed model state definition
-simple language for describing agent behavior
-agent behavior code separated into perceptions and actions
-external functions
-agent monitoring tools

Entorama related events:
10/3/2008 - Entorama 2.3! Race condition prevention, file I/O, and more...
14/12/2007 - Entorama on TV! Clip
x/11/2007 - Read about Entorama in the new issue of 'Sustavi'
31/10/2007 - Entorama 2.2 released - a more refined version
20/10/2007 - Brief Entorama presentation at REAS 2007
19/9/2007 - Entorama 2.1! Iterated runs feature + new FileOutput library
30/8/2007 - Entorama 2.0 released! Agent perception range introduced, plus more...
20/8/2007 - Entorama goes to Amsterdam! See pictures from DECOI 2007 here and here
29/6/2007 - Entorama 1.2 released! Smaller, faster and more versatile
30/3/2007 - Entorama 1.1 released
5/2/2007 - This shiny new site is launched
1/2/2007 - Entorama 1.0 presented at professor Mario Essert's 'Juice and cookies' session
x/7/2006 - Entorama on TV! Clip
27/5/2006 - Entorama 'proof-of-concept' version presented at 'Prozor snova' workshop as part of lecture given by professor Josip Stepanic
30/1/2006 - Entorama goes public with the first version of this site