Me My name is Branimir Cace and I'm a student of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. I started programming about five years ago and gathered some programming knowledge working on my past projects. Currently I'm finishing my study and working on Entorama, trying to make it the best multi-agent modeling tool ever... All your questions, suggestions and your own Entorama models are welcome at:

I'm very grateful to the following people who contributed to my Entorama project, each in their own way:
-my parents for all their support
-my uncle Borjan who helped me getting more serious with programming, compilers and computers in general -
-my cousin Ivana who helped me understand the agent based modeling and simulations better -
-my aunt Jadranka for letting me use her apartment in Zagreb -
-Nikola Herceg for introducing me to programming
-Alan Scuric for the internet and occasional meals
-Josip Stepanic, Josip Kasac and Mario Essert for spreading the word about Entorama
-Armano Srbljenovic for showing me what REAL modeling looks like
-Arne Handt, Scott Stensland, Carlos Grilo and Pablo Rabanal for putting Entorama through the test at DECOI