Entorama 2.3:
Entorama.exe (488 KB) - download it, place anywhere on your computer and model away...

Entorama help (10/3/2008):
Help (396 KB) - unzip it and open the 'Help.html' file

External function libraries (they have to be in the same folder as Entorama in order to be loaded):
Math.dll (244 KB) - contains trigonometric and other common mathematical functions
MathEx.dll (240 KB) - vector operations and more
Sounds.dll (352 KB) - functions for playing built-in sounds, '.wav' files and system sounds, read Sounds.txt
KeyboardInput.dll (184 KB) - these functions determine whether a key is pressed
HeadingAndPitch.dll (240 KB) - functions for moving agents around in a simple way, read HeadingAndPitch.txt

Basic examples:
Sheep&Wolves.em (11.5 KB) - requires Math.dll and HeadingAndPitch.dll
BoxTetris.em (5.67 KB) - requires Math.dll and KeyboardInput.dll, read BoxTetrisControls.txt
Waves.em (133 KB) - requires Math.dll
RigidBody.em (18 KB) - requires Math.dll and MathEx.dll
Sheep&Grass.em (46.9 KB) - requires Math.dll and HeadingAndPitch.dll, read the ppt presentation created by Arne Handt for DECOI

Download all of the above (recommended):
Entorama.zip (4.04 MB)