This page contains short descriptions and screenshots of some basic Entorama features, and if you want more detailed explanations download Entorama help. Click on the thumbnails to view screenshots.

Define your own agent types (classes) and create an unlimited number of agents. Creating and manipulating single or multiple agents and their properties can be done visually, using 3D modeling tools and the Variables list. In other words, you can set up the whole model state without writing a single line of code.

Use a simple and intuitive programming language for describing agent behavior. Entorama language is developed specifically for describing agent behavior. The behavior code is free from all non-modeling stuff and as a result, the behavior code is short, clear and easy to work on.

Let Entorama take care of technicalities, while you concentrate on building your model. Agent behavior (your code) is divided into Perceptions and Actions, procedures that are implicitly executed for agent pairs and individual agents respectively. This automation fully prevents otherwise common problems of other simulation environments where multiple interactions between agents in a single step are difficult to model and error prone.

Monitor your simulation. During simulation runs you can monitor individual agent’s properties or mean values for the entire population of a type by using the Watch window, histograms and time plots.

Extend your model. You can use external functions to execute specific tasks and in that way complement the Entorama language. For example you can do math, data exchange, interact with other programs, play sounds… simply anything you want to program in the language of your choice.