These are some of the algorithms I created during past five years (ah, the memories...):

Hilikus (2003) - This is the idea I started programming with. This program loads two pictures of a scene and produces its 3D model.

Photo (2003) - The logical next step: algorithms for smoothing realistic pictures.

Cell (2003) - Algorithm for edge detection, of course...

Stopalac (2004) - This one creates a 3D model of a human foot from a single image created by a common 2D image scanner. My first 'commercial' project...

Nebula (2004) - Simulation of particles in 2D space. I made this before I knew about agents. I thought I was there first... damn!

Nimbus (2004) - My interpretation of describing fluid dynamics with agents.

Mearth (2005) - Program that loads a picture and uses it to generate a 3D world.

CaCh (2005) - A .NET control I wrote in C# for visualization of optimization problems.